Keep Willis Beautiful

Keep Willis Beautiful (KWB) is a sub-committee of Willis Community Development Corporation (CDC).

Their first meeting started in July 2017 with those "interested in doing something good for Willis." There was a time of general discussion with Mr. Jay Rice, General Manager of the Willis CDC, about forming the Keep Willis Beautiful members committee. Former-Councilman John Lovelady also presented City Governance overview procedures to the newly appointed Committee members. The meeting attendees appointed Committee members with a show of hands. The newly appointed Committee members are:

  • Mr. Michael Sullivan, President
  • Mr. Tim McCaw, Vice-President
  • Mrs. Deb Freetage, Secretary
  • Ms. Denise Mathis, Treasurer

The KWB Committee works with the Willis CDC to orchestra projects in Willis for the public beautification of the City of Willis. While there may be some individuals who may not have heard of the Keep Willis Beautiful Committee in Willis more may be familiar with Keep Texas Beautiful and former First Lady: Lady Bird Johnson's view:

Though the word beautification makes the concept sound merely cosmetic, it involves much more: clean water, clean air, clean roadsides, safe waste disposal and preservation of valued old landmarks as well as great parks and wilderness areas. To me … beautification means our total concern for the physical and human quality we pass on to our children and the future.
- Lady Bird Johnson

The members discussed areas in Willis for upcoming projects. There were several suggestions given. The current plan pending weather conditions and volunteers is "Crawford Park." The first "beautification" Stage 1 plan began on October 28, 2017.
Committee members agreed to begin their monthly meetings on the 2nd Thursdays of each month. The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, January 11, 2018, at 4 p.m in City Hall's Conference Room. We encourage friends to join us for our upcoming 2018 events!