Review the How To Test Your Toilet For Leaks (PDF).

Vehicle Requirement for Bulk Water

Before access is granted to use the City of Willis water, your vehicle's piping and tank must be modified to provide an approved air gap (AAG) to prevent contamination of the public water supply. Failure to provide and maintain the AAG will result in denial of service and possible fines and cancellation of access of privileges. Please click on the link below for more information on vehicle requirements, bulk water purchase and water rates.

See the Vehicle Requirements for Bulk Water Purchase (PDF).

The City’s Public Water System consists of three water plants fed by five wells and approximately 38 miles of water distribution mains with approximately 2,061 water service connections.

Locating Utilities

Requests for Utility locates should be called in at least 3 days prior to commencing work for the installation or repairs of irrigation, water line, sewer line, driveways, fences or any other type of digging to be done to insure the safety of the workers, the general public, and the infrastructure. Contact Texas 811 (DIGTESS) (DIGTESS) at 800-344-8377 and they will notify all utilities to mark their lines accordingly.