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Applications and Forms

All of our Community Development and Permit forms are published in an electronic PDF fillable format.  All of these forms and the data entered into the fields can be saved to your computer for future access.  For your convenience, these forms and related documents may be emailed to the Permit Department for processing.

  • Developers What You Need To Know This brochure  should be used for pre-development.
  • Commercial Building Permit Application. This form should be used for all proposed new commercial site work, commercial buildings, remodels to existing commercial buildings, or additions to existing buildings.
  • Trade Permit Application. This form should be used for all craft subs-permits such as electrical, mechanical, plumbing, irrigation and fire suppression.
  • Contractor Registration Application. All contractors and subcontractors that wish to secure a permit must be registered with the City. Registration is valid for 12 months and you must be renewed thereafter.
  • Water and Sewer Tap Application. This form should accompany building permit applications for new construction where a water meter, or water and/or sewer tap will be required.
  • Permit Fee Schedule. This form shows all of our currently adopted permit fees.
  • Driveway Permit Application. This form may be used as a standalone form already developed property where a new driveway is being added or an extension to an existing drive is required. For all new construction on undeveloped property, this form must accompany the building permit application
  • Residential Building Permit Application. This form should be used for all proposed residential buildings, residential remodels, residential additions, or residential accessory structures.
  • Plat/Land Subdivision Applications. This form should be used when a subdivision plat is being submitted. It is required when a parcel, lot, or tract of land located within the city's corporate city limit or extra territorial jurisdiction is being split into one or more parcels.
  • Sign Permit Application. This form should be used for all proposed commercial signage.
  • Garage Sale Permit Application This form should be used for all proposed garage sales.