Public Works performs many activities including street repairs, installation and maintenance of city owned drainage systems, cleaning ditches, street signs, cleaning trash and brush off lots as necessary for code enforcement, setting driveway pipe, mowing right of ways, repairing sidewalks and curbs, painting road stripes/buttons, and reporting streetlight repairs to Entergy. They also have the duty to set up barricades for high water, parades and other special events and occurrences.

Review the Texas Department of Transportation Responsibilities.

All highways, farm to market roads and interstates located inside the city limits of Conroe are the responsibility of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The City of Willis does not maintain or repair roads, streetlights, traffic signals, mow, or remove litter from any road within TxDOT's jurisdiction. TxDOT can be reached at 936-538-3300 for more information.

Locating Utilities

Requests for Utility locates should be called in at least 3 days prior to commencing work for the installation or repairs of irrigation, water line, sewer line, driveways, fences or any other type of digging to be done to insure the safety of the workers, the general public, and the infrastructure. Contact Texas 811 (DIGTESS) (DIGTESS) at 800-344-8377 and they will notify all utilities to mark their lines accordingly.