City Manager

City Form of Government

The City of Willis operates under a council-manager form of government, whereby citizens elect the mayor and councilmembers to make important decisions on policy-related issues. The City Council appoints a city manager who has oversight and management responsibility for the daily workings and activities of the entire city staff in carrying out the directives/policies of the City Council.


The city manager serves as the council's chief advisor, as well as directs and oversees the day-to-day operations of all city departments and staff. The city manager also prepares the city's annual budget with the assistance of department heads. Both the council and citizens count on the city manager to provide them with complete and objective information, pros and cons, alternatives, and long-term consequences pertaining to various issues under consideration.

Responsibilities of the city manager include:

  • Preparing the annual budget and approving the expenditures
  • Participating in the City Council discussions
  • Enforcing city laws and ordinances
  • Organizing staff and directing personnel actions
  • Ensuring federal and state laws are complied with in regard to health and safety
  • Developing a strategic plan to enhance the quality of life for city residents
  • Implementing policies, directives, and recommendations to the City Council
  • Representing the city with respect to legislative actions, environmental issues, emergency management, and interactions with other governmental entities